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When they say 'times have changed', they weren't kidding. Friendships have turned ugly, I've had a boyfriend for almost a year, Family members have become bitter towards each other, school has actually gotten a little more strenuous, new life has formed, family members have passed as well as gotten severely injured…….
Yea….times do change. I guess I’m writing like this cuz my b-day is coming up & I’ve been thinking about the past events for the past year. I’m not gonna write them all out because it would take too long & some people think I write novels here so I guess I just wrote a summary of it instead. But what’s in my mind right now are 4 (well now 3 lives) in my mind.

My abuelo’s titi just passed & I feel bad for him. My mom said I did meet her but that was a long time ago so I probably don’t remember her. See this is why I wanna go back to Puerto Rico; I wanna reconnect with that side of the family that I haven’t seen in like years. Only like 2 or 3 come to visit and I wanna see mi isla and my cousins who I used to play w/ every time I went there. I just want to go back for a while… I dunno I feel like it’s calling me back….I guess I’m just weird.

My cousin Justinne is pregnant and engaged. Now that she has told everyone my mom sometimes tells me “is there something you wanna tell me?”. Why I gotta be pregnant…jeez. I’m happy for my cousin though.

My older bro.’s going to be a daddy which means I’m gonna be a titi. I’m happy for my bro. cuz I know he’s always wanted his own & now he’ll have 1 (a boy). Erin (my sis-in-law) & him keep saying I’m gonna be babysitting him a lot- they better not complain if he comes out like me then (& I’m gonna give him a nickname-Pluto he he he).

My cousin Jeannette is a marine & the last 2 times she was suppose 2 go to Iraq she got pregnant & for her it’s really hard because she has some sort of chromosomes disease. But about 3-4 weeks ago she got sent there. I was hoping she would pregnant so she wouldn’t have 2 go. Now today we were just told that she got severely injured. A missile hit nearby her and her back is all fucked up-her bones are like practically sticking out of her back. I fuckin hate this shit. I wanna beat the shit out of who ever the fuck did that to her so bad but there’s nothing I can do for her accept hope & pray that this means she don’t have to go back and serve. I guess that’s being selfish but I don’t give a fuck. She’s got 2 boys that need her & a family that cares for her. This stupid senseless fucking war! (& I mean for both sides cause now I don’t give a fuck who invaded who or what is being fought over I’m just sick & tired of it all!)

That’s it for now……..
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