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Recall of the past couple of weeks

Well I guess I’m gonna start w/ x-mas eve. My bro. & his wife came over to spend it w/ me, my mom & mis abuelos. Erin (his wife/my sis-in-law) wanted to open the presents before 12:00 so we did (we basically never wait anyways since on x-mas I usually sleep most of the day away). From them I got my favorite hat that I’ve been after since like grade school. I was sooooo happy. My mom gave me lavender spongebob pj pants, 4 pairs of slipper socks, $$$, & an electronic sudoku game. Mis abuelos gave me purple pj pants, $$$, & these cute slippers that are like almost socks but are not. My tio gave me $$, and mi abuela’s sis & her hubby gave me $$; this was funny cause my bro didn’t get from them & mi abuela was like ‘it’s cause they only give to kids’- I guess they think I’m still young or they just see me as 1 but hey I didn’t complain. I also got to see an old friend of my bro who I haven’t seen in a while, Angel; it was good seeing him & his little girl since the last time I saw them was 1 day after her birth & she’s about 3 or 4. And this was actually a real shock, that man that I got my last name from actually gave me $$$; I thought I was high or something. On x-mas day I went to my boyfriend’s casa to spend the whole day w/ him.

New Year’s Eve was really good. My boyfriend and I were able to spend it together in my casa & mis abuelos casa all the way till almost 2:00 am. We drank grape cider (which is waaaaaayyy better than apple cider) & he got to officially meet mis abuelos & even 1 of my neighbors. And the best part was that we brought in the new year w/ a kiss ^_^.

Jan. 2- Jan.8 I was able to chill w/ my friends & bf & see my cousins. (it’s a bit short but so my entry won’t be that long that basically what I did in the simplest cliff notes)

Feliz Nuevo Anos!
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