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boredom...waitin for 11:00 am class

i'm just gona rant, rave and probably take/post result of quiz in this entry since i got nothing else better to do....

my women in lit. class is an ok class. when we have our group discussions or when we talk about pieces of our lives is when it's the best but when we actually have to do work it sucks. i mean i know you gotta do work in school but for some reason in this class i seem to not really be into it. maybe it's becuase she made me redo my second essay like 3x...i don't know. and it's not like i don't like her...she's a really nice teacher who's down to earth. and the discussions we have are very interesting a lot of the times but almost every wednesday and friday i sort of dread going into the class. maybe since i just took the course to take a class to be a full-time student and to put my schedule somewhat the way i wanted, is the reason why i just don't feel enthusiastic about the class. *sigh*. o-wellz, i'm stuck with it whether i like it or not since the last day to withdraw from the class was april 12.

& here's the quiz part of the entry cuz i'm still tryin to kill time here......

What naruto character are you, based on your zodiac sign?

this quiz is actually kind of cute/funny.

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