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fukkin hard work! pt II

Let's see....where was I.......oh "like sitting in the trunk".........................................
So my bro.'s driving, my tio is in the front passenger seat & I'm sitting on the folded back seats so it's like sitting in the trunk. The only bad thing about sitting on them things was that I had to slouch somewhat cuz my head kept hitting the 'ceiling' of the car. Thank God though my bro. didn't drive fast cuz the streets of the Bronx (actually most of the streets in NYC) are the arch nemesis's of car tires-the bumps, cracks, potholes, etc-and if he had drove really fast I think I would've ended up w/ a concussion. While he was driving I held on to the monster (36 in tv) cuz when he hit a bump (1 of many) the stand for the monster hit the screen of the tv & after carrying that shit I was not gonna let it get damaged. When we get to my block we took everything else up but left the monster for last. Since we parked in front of the building there was some distance between us & the entrance of my building. Thank God my tio remembered the little cart he has (he uses it to carry the equipment over sidewalks when needed). I brought it down & my bro & tio took the monster out of the car & put it on the cart (my bro pulled his right arm again cuz he did that whole "fuck" thing again). Mi abuelo had come down with me when I brought the cart cuz he wanted to help carry but we didn't let him so he pulled the cart while it had the tv while I made sure it wouldn't fall off. Now we get to the hard part carrying it up the stairs. My brother took the right side, my tio the left, & I grabbed the front but again my bro's arm was acting up again. We put it back on the floor & took a little break. Then my tio said me & him should carry it while my bro. took little rest. I looked at him like he just fukkin lost his mind. I'm strong but I didn't think that only the two of us could carry the monster. He said we should just try. We did & we actually did it but not for long (only the 1st group of steps of the lobby). Then my bro. joined in & we got it out of the lobby & got it on the 1st floor hallway. Again we put it on the cart & roll it up to the stairs. Now here was the really hard part; to get it up to the 2nd floor. It was much harder cuz the steps there are a bit steeper & the space between the rail & wall are narrower. We knew that two people could not carry the monster but there was no way we could carry it the way we were before. So we took this time to rest. I went upstairs & moved my tio’s equipment, my titi’s stuff, & the sofa to the other side of the sala so there would be space for the tv to get into my bro.’s room. Then I went back downstairs. They were still resting but then my tio got an idea. My bro. would take the right side & lead while I take the front, my tio take the left side, & we would try & lean more on the wall since I was gonna get a little squished against the rail. My bro. almost lost him but I yelled “don’t let go & don’t stop. Just keep going.” We finally got it on the 2nd floor (gracias a Dios that we live on the 2nd floor) & put it on the cart to wheel it to my bro.’s room. My grandmother couldn’t believe that I actually helped them. She kept saying that my female parts must’ve fallen out of me while I carried the monster & that I probably won’t be able to have any kids. When we got it inside my bro.’s room we had to lift it onto the stand. Finally the monster was in my bro.’s room. My bro. was still really sore but he didn’t stay long so before he left I bought him agua y sprite- I felt bad. He told me “thanks mama” & he left. When I got upstairs, there was a whole bunch of records, record covers, & garbage to throw away so mis abuelos y tio ‘volunteered me’ to take it down. I think I made about 3 trips…I don’t even remember that much since I was running around all day……Then on Sunday there were more records, record covers & garbage to take down so I did it even my tio was supposed to do it. After my 4 trips back & forth my mom decides to clean my bro.’s room a bit & again I was “volunteered”. Before that I helped mi abuelo with the ceiling fan-he had to take down the blades & clean them. While I helped my abuela came & gave my abuelo a piece of meat & my tio too. She said that since the men have been working so hard they should get a piece. Then she looked at me & shoved a piece of the meat in my mouth saying “you’ve been working hard just like the men” & “you’re basically like one”. I would’ve said something but I was trying to prevent the carne from choking me. My mom just laughed. After I was done helping mi abuelo, I helped my mom with the room. I ended up mostly lifting, pushing or pulling furniture out of the way. I also vacuumed & ended up on chairs, the steam & the window sill to get to the top of the wall (I’m glad I ain’t afraid of heights). After all of that I ate food (I didn’t eat for a day so I was really, really hungry) did a little more cleaning & finally relaxed a bit. I’m borrowing some of my bro.’s movies as payment for all my fukkin hard work. He even told my mom that I better not scratch & return his movies; I told mi madre to tell him “shut the fuck up. I will crack your fukkin tv screen.”.
We’re still fixing his room up a bit but pretty much most of the work is done, especially since the monster is got taken care of. I think after bringing his bureau & the rest of his stuff later tonight we should be done. (I hope) & after carrying the monster everything I’ve ever carried is much lighter then that shit………………….
So if anyone is considering moving remember hire people.
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